The World's Most Popular Brands and Why They've Succeeded

The world’s most popular brands all have a few things in common that make them stand out from the crowd in the busy world of branding.

Whether it’s a strong ethos, a catchy slogan or simply brand consistency - these brands have infiltrated everyone’s lives at some point in a powerful way.

This blog is going to explore exactly why these brands have dominated the world we live in today, and what we can learn from them.


1. Nike - Simple Branding Works

We’re all familiar with Nike’s branding and slogan, and the phrase ‘Just do it’ is one of the many reasons the brand dominates the fitness market today.

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Nike’s branding is effortless. The slogan will often sneak into everyday phrases without consumers even noticing, and it makes for a simple slogan that can be easily understood worldwide.

Everybody across the globe recognises this phrase and their branding emphasises simplicity and shows that you don't need to get complicated with your brand in order for it to outshine the competition.


2. Lego - Find your Values

If you Google ‘world’s most successful brand’, chances are LEGO will make an appearance. Whilst LEGO may be simply seen as a child’s toy, the brand itself can teach us several things about powerful branding.

LEGO has clear brand values which it lists as: Imagination, Creativity, Fun, Learning, Caring and Quality.

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What we can learn from LEGO is that it emphasises curiosity - and also that it relies on a certain amount of nostalgia and curiosity for adults, whilst also being fun and entertaining for children.

LEGO shows us that appealing to a broad age range can work if you know exactly who you are targeting, in this case, parents with their children.


3.  Apple - Listen To What People Want  

Apple has continuously dominated the technology market in recent years and when you look at its branding story, it’s certainly clear why.

Apple has nailed simplicity and what people want from computers and tech.

The company understands the value of keep things basic and also have a habit of making their systems very similar. This is no happy coincidence. Complicated software doesn’t appeal to the majority of the general public - and Apple know this.

Instead, they constantly emphasise simplicity, reliability and a customer service that delivers.

This point is quite a simple one, but understanding it for your branding is a crucial step.


4.  Coca-Cola - Brands as an Experience (Experiential Marketing)

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular brands in the world - you might even be drinking one right now. But what you might not know is that this brand relies on a little thing called Experiential Marketing.

The annual arrival of the Coca-Cola truck, the personalisation of their cans and the phrase ‘Taste The Feeling’ are all examples of Coca-Cola’s Experiential Marketing. Coca-Cola wants its customers to feel something from the brand, and so it gets them involved.

This year Coca-Cola has released several ad campaigns you may have already seen. The one below captures the spirit of ‘brotherly love’ and is a great example of how the brand understands its market exactly by relating to their prospects personally.


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