Better Leisure Centres Web to Print Case Study

Better Leisure Centres Project 

Better Leisure Centres work alongside local councils and oversee around 170 leisure centres across the country, and before they adopted Brandit they faced a singular, looming issue - every centre had individual branding and marketing needs which led to a time-consuming and lengthy creation process for all. 

When Better Leisure approached us, they wanted to nail brand consistency across all the centres. They also wanted to create individual marketing collateral for each leisure centre quickly and effectively alongside ensuring brand consistency.

That's where our web to print software came into play.

Brandit provided Better Leisure with set templates that allowed for marketing collateral to be created quickly and within brand guidelines, and this could be done internally at each individual leisure centre. 

Gone were countless hours, time pressures and wasted expenditure bringing extra design resources in when times were busy. Instead, a streamlined, user-friendly process was in place that ensured brand consistency for all.

The Result 

By implementing our web to print software in each leisure centre, Better Leisures were able to incorporate their own branding with the branding of each local council.  

As well as this, inconsistent branding became a thing of the past, leaving Better Leisure Centres with a unified and professional persona. 

Now each leisure centre can easily create the following with Brandit:

  • A3 & A4 Posters
  • Flyers
  • Roadside Banners
  • Eco Rollers
  • Storm Boards

The creation of perfectly branded marketing collateral has never been easier than it is with Brandit Global, and the approval process ensures that it's all kept neatly within the 'Better Leisure' branding guidelines.


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