City & Guilds Web to Print Case Study

City and Guilds Project

City & Guilds provide a range of educational courses from beauty to business and are also a widely recognised global leader in skills development.

When they came to us here at Brandit Global, they had amassed a range of branding issues that many marketing and branding managers deal with on a daily basis. 

The education provider needed a quick and effective way to customise their artwork internally, removing the need for an external design agency to save both time and money.

Our web to print platform offers a specialised solution perfectly suited to the needs of the business. 


The Result

City & Guilds offer more than 16,000 courses internationally, and they can now create personalised fact sheets for each and every one with ease. 

Furthmore, all of their key brand elements are locked down in their fact sheet templates, ensuring brand consistency time and time again.

All of the images available for use on their marketing collateral are from a pre-approved suite, and their new automated approval processes ensures that every document is created not only within the approved layouts, but with a consistent tone of voice too.

City & Guilds can now customise templates anywhere in the world, 24/7, increasing the speed of collateral development whilst also guaranteeing brand consistency around the globe.


"Brandit is a fantastic tool for creating on-brand marketing collateral. Giving colleagues outside of the marketing department the ability to create their own materials without the worry of off-brand communications being sent to customer helps our team to spend more time thinking about marketing strategies and creative campaigns. I would recommend this product to other organisations that have similar challenges to City & Guilds."

Stefan Harris - Marketing Executive at City & Guilds


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