Radisson Hotel Web to Print Case Study

Radisson Hotel Project 

When the US arm of the Radisson hotel brand alerted us to their need for easily customisable standardised artwork, we knew straight away that we had an ideal solution for them. 

Radisson required 150 hotels across North and South America to have the capability to create internal artwork that fulfilled Radisson's marketing requirements - whilst also ensuring it was kept consistent. 

Retaining brand consistency across all artwork and marketing collateral is notoriously difficult for hotel chains due in part to their very nature, being across multiple locations.

This meant that before Radisson approached us, they were creating artwork to fulfill various marketing requirements in a non-uniform fashion for each hotel, creating a confused brand image in the process - something no brand wants or needs.

Radisson were aware of our reputation for providing solutions for large hotel chains based in the USA and approached us about their issue of brand inconsistency.

Therefore, Brandit was born.

We developed Brandit™ and provided Radisson with a bespoke online solution for their artwork branding requirements throughout the USA.

We took their artwork templates and uploaded them to the Brandit central cloud server and we locked down all the elements that should never, ever be changed. We also provided editable fields for personalised text and images, and Brandit allows for the templates to be saved for further amends - or for sharing with colleagues or any external printer of choice.

The perfect one-stop, online, internal branding shop!

The Result

Consistency is the defining key to retaining a brand's image and reputation, and we succeeded in providing Radisson with a simple method for ensuring this consistency is guaranteed for every piece of artwork - no matter what the location.

The Radisson logo can never be amended (unless that is the official intention!) and the fonts and colour palette cannot be changed. They can also select the elements they want to retain permanently and the elements that stakeholders are able to amend. 

Now, no piece of Radisson artwork is ever off-brand.

Furthermore, the ability to personalise the text and imagery allows for each hotel to produce artwork that is specific to them, without falling foul of the brand guidelines.

We provided online access to a straightforward and personalised web to print service - and we’re very proud of its ongoing success ever since!

If you're interested in our web to print software and think it could be the ideal solution for you, be sure to call us on 0161 228 6489. 

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